Volume 19        Summer 2013                                               Issue 3

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Please share Pow Wow news (Saponi Drum, P.O. Box 2079, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601). These gatherings let us share our culture with other Native people. Whether we are of the same tribe or not... "We all came from the same root (only) the leaves are different". John Fire Lame Deer (Lakota)

*****The official Saponi Nation of Ohio Facebook group is now up! Just search for "The Saponi Nation of Ohio" on Facebook.*****

POW WOW News (Past Events):

Events news to come soon!

This newsletter comes to you by the support of Heriberto Dixon, Ph.D. His ongoing research on Eastern Siouan peoples continues to appear in scholarly journals. We thank him for his support, and for keeping the Tutalo-Saponi name from vanishing. We are still here.

As our membership continues to increase, so does the cost for mailing The Saponi Drum newsletter. In order to contain the mailing cost we will now offer the newsletter on-line at the Saponi Nation of Ohio’s website. We’ll be saving some trees by eliminating the need for paper to print the newsletter and mailing label. To access the website go to .
We would also like people to take the newsletter on the website. If you are able to access the internet and can discontinue the paper newsletter please contact Keith Roberts at (937)935-4971.

Saponi Nation of Ohio, PO Box 731, Xenia, Ohio 45385


Your old membership card has expired as of June 1, 2010. Please contact one of the following council members to request your new card if you have not received it:

Maria Robbins @ 740-779-1286              Gerald Winston @ 614-272-6474


News from Lewis Boling

The council is requesting that any members that may be able to volunteer their time to attend the ANA training classes to contact Lewis Boling at 937-544-3807 or 937-271-3760. All expenses will be paid by the tribe. We need at least two volunteers and as many as four.

Sweats have resumed as of April 8th and will be available as needed for tribal members through out the rest of the year. Please contact Lewis Boling for more details.                      

Please be sure to submit any news events that take place in your families and communities. Also be aware that we are asking members to submit their photos of their local areas and families for use in an upcoming slide show presentation. Contact Scott Collins at 817-571-6764 or Keith Roberts.

John Scarlett Has Walked On

John Scarlett was the husband of Mary Whitted. Mary is the daughter of  John Paige Whitted and Julie Harris Whitted. Julie was the daughter of Frank and Sally Ray Harris. They were life long residents of Orange County, NC. John and his family lived and continue to do so on the banks of the Eno river. He is survived by his lovely wife Mary Whitted Scarlett and 3 wonderful daughters, Yolanda, Beverly and Jackie. He has a host of grandchildren and many, many relatives. Poppa John is truly missed. John Scarlett's wife and descendants are members of the Saponi Nation of Ohio.


Reporting Possible Genocide Activity Towards Native Americans

I have a suggestion for everyone. I believe it is important to begin writting down incidents that you may have encountered

involving a racial hatred or a denial/failure to recognize your identity as Indians.

This would include things such as school incidents of taunting, physical violence towards you, internet attacks or bullying,

organizations which list you or your tribe or community as fraudulent, etc.

Be sure to read the following information:

...and submit your experiences in writing to the U.N. offices above. Remember to utilize in your writtings

the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


The next Council Meeting will be held at the Hilltop Library on 511 South Hague, on March 22, in Columbus OH, from 11 am - 1pm.

You can reach the center at 937-339-0457. The meeting will begin at 1pm and topic will be The Festival of Nations held in August.

The Tutelo-Saponi Language

chin = fat
kaxle:pi = to wash
wa-yi-ki-ko:ha = I said unto thee

James Jeffryes, Chief

Tribal Council Members Elected 2010

Lewis Boling                          Kenneth Cofer          Keith Roberts           Dorothy Gordon

Shaheen Richardson-Day        Linda Henry             Linda Casper            Royston Gordon        

Wilma Roberts                      Gerald Winston        Richard Gordon, Jr.   Richard Gordon, III